Buy bohrstanges and tool frames

Bohrstanges and tool frames

Bohrstanges and tool frames are the tools that are related to the group of adjusting parts.

Bohrstanges with tool frames have got a frame with holes to which diprotodont and incisal frames or floating evolvements are adjusted. Tool frames are preliminary adjusted to a certain size and quickly replaced when being processed. They use eccentric wedge clamp to fix the frame in a bohrstange. The wedge part goes into the grooves of the frame and pins its butt-end to the bottom of the cross-cut groove of the bohrstange. By doing so, they prevent rotation of the frame.

Diprotodont frames of the standard square cut are used to preliminary bore the holes. The cutters are adjusted according to the certain pattern or they are bored together with a frame when being assembled. Cylindric surface and butt-end of the frame is a base for the adjustment.

Incisal frames are used when they perform clean or half-clean working of the parts. The cutter is adjusted with help of a lock-nut and a screw. When performing half-clean processing of the parts they may set up the size out of bohrstange. However, when performing clean processing, they may opt for trial traversals.

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