Special tools: screw gauges, spline gauges, cutters, etc.

Tooling “TekhnoProgress”

Plain tapered gaugesPlain gauges Gauges for metric threadsScrew gauges Gauges slotted straight spilloverSpline Gauges
Ролик стана ХПТРTool for cold pipe rolling Gauges for casing and tubingGauges for casing and tubing Cutters for CNCCutters for CNC
Cutting toolCutting tool Caliber holes for alignment checksSpecial measuring tool

DPST “Technoprogress” is a dynamically evolving enterprise that actively introduces new technologies. The special tooling is produced according to customers’ drawings and GOST.

The main products we manufacture are screw gauges, spline gauge, plain gauges, cutters, cutting tools, measuring tools, as well as measuring, control and other equipment.

We’ve always got a set of screw rings and rings by the piece, screw plugs, test plugs CI and CI-NO, work plugs, smooth tube, inch-tube rings and corks, smooth benchmarked rings (for settings up the bore gages), tapered plugs and bushings, control slotted tube spur profile templates, staples for drawing curves PR and NOT to check diameters, special control devices, sinus cubes, squares, measuring devices of high accuracy.

We produce taps for cutting metric, pipe, inch and a trapezoidal thread.

In the last few years our plant has learned to produce new types of production for pipe mills: HPTR mills rollers, XPT mandrel, HPTR support strips.

Our plant has also started to produce holders for MNTP and tooling for machines with CNC (boring bars, special cams,etc.) as well as gauges for producing casing and couplings (threaded ring and plugs, smooth plugs (center-pieces), smooth rings). If you live in: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, you can send your order from the site. All the manufactured production has got a certificate about calibration issued by the in-house laboratory and accredited by the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Metrology” from 01.07.2008. Registration number is K.12.006-08.