Plain gauges: plain cylindrical gauges

Plain cylindrical gauges

Plain cylindrical gauges are the gauges with the smooth cylindrical working surface. They are used in mass and repetition work to check validity of all the parts.

A so-called male gauge with a cylindrical surface is used to check accuracy of sockets.

The use cylindrical gauges:

  • checking up diameters of cylindrical sockets;
  • control of cylindrical socket perpendicularity
  • measuring of cylindrical socket spacing;
  • usage as an extended gauge for measuring devices;
  • measuring of prismatic grooves, gear mesh, etc.

DPST “Technoprogress” is ready to offer plain gauges as well as the gauges for plain cylindrical parts to control the sockets of different diameter. We always aim to increase the quantity of our product in order to meet high demand of customers on plain gauges.

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