Plain gauges: plain conical gauges

Plain conical gauges

Plain conical gauges – are the male gauges with the smooth conical surface used to verify the sockets of various constructions.

Conical surfaces are usually checked with the utmost gauges in which entrance and non-entrance checkpoints are united in a single gauge. They differentiate a ring gauge and a male gauge. When a ring gauge is used for measurement, a cross-cut end of the manufacture must be located between the lower surfaces. When a male gauge is used, it is supposed to be between the upper marks.

These gauges help define only diameter of the cone, but they won’t be helpful in defining the angle. The cone angle of the manufacturer can be checked with this gauge only on paint. The work gauges (plugs and cramps) are designed to control manufacturer in the process of production. They are mostly used by engineers and controllers at the plant.

The male gauges are made of handles and conducting elements which are their prior workings elements, however, designed differently.

Used for the sockets with a diameter up to 50 mm, they are produced in the form of packed plugs; for the sockets 50-100 mm the gauges are produced in the form of packed and not packed plugs; for the sockets with a diameter more than 100 mm – only not packed plugs. Inside callipers are used for big dimensions (more than 360 mm).

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