Screw gages: gauges for trapezoidal threads

Gauges for trapezoidal threads

The gauges for the trapezoidal threads are designed to control one-thread according to GOST.

Gauges are the measuring tools which control all the dimensions, shapes and mutual arrangement of the workpiece surface. They are classified as normal and utmost. Normal gauges are used to check complex profiles. Utmost gauges have got two ends – non-entrance and entrance checkpoint. These peculiarities make it possible to control dimensions within the tolerance.

The gauges for the trapezoidal threads are used to measure up conical, screw and cylindrical surfaces. Flat threads are used to transmit the movements. They provide higher accuracy and integrity. Therefore, flat threads are cut only by highly qualified professional at the plant.

The wide pitch of the thread and big lifting corners is another peculiarity of the running thread. Consequently, rectangular and trapezoidal threads are cut with a few successive cutters. Squeezing the metal while cutting the helical groove exists only in the form of small burrs for the lack of sharpenings of the thread. These burrs are usually removed with the file.

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