Screw gages: gauges for metric threads

The gauges for metric threads

The gauges for metric threads must be produced according to the standards from the working drawings and approved in the prescribed manner. That’s the way how special tooling is manufactured at DPST “TechnoProgress”.

The control tools for the right and left threads of a metric type are the gauges designed for metric threads with accordance to GOST. The main and structural dimensions of the gauges are normalized with the state standards.

Today the gauges GOST for metric thread as well as the metric thread itself are still the basic gauges used in most industries. The standard cross-section is a triangle with the equal sides.

The fine spacing of the thread is used to control thin-walled compounds which improves not only impermeability of the manufacture as well as its accuracy, resistance to unscrewing under vibration and other actions.

Sometimes they use special thread standard when producing manufactures for the instrument-making industry. A bigger thread spacing is preferred on many occasions.

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