Cutters: turning tools, metal cutters

Cutters are the main tools applied on planers, lathe and chisel machines in woodworking, metalworking and other industries. Metal cutters are the most demanded and popular tools

The turning tools are widely used to process cylindrical and form surfaces, cutting the screws, etc.

A cutter consists of the working part – the head and the rod which is needed to fix the cutter in the holder. The front side of the cutter is called a surface. All the chips are collected here. The back sides (main and supplementary) are called the surfaces which touch with the processed parts.

The main cutting edge is used to cut the parts. It’s made up by intersection of the front and back sides of the cutter. Supplementary cutting edge is made up by intersection of the front and supplementary back surfaces. The top of the cutter is a point where the main and supplementary cutting edges meet together.

In order to calculate the angles of a cutter they use the following definitions: cutting area and main area. The cutting area is an area which touches with the cutting area and crosses the main cutting edge of a cutter. The main area is an area which is located in parallel to cross-cut and longitudinal feeds.

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