License “TekhnoProgress”

Licenses «TechnoProgress»

DPST “TechnoProgress” has got all the needed licenses to maintain and repair special tooling in Ukraine and abroad. Due to the high quality system, all the production is manufactured with accordance to GOST.

DPST “TechnoProgress” makes all the best achievements accessible for enterprises engaged in modern industry, in particular engineering and manufacturing of GOST special tooling.

All the production which is manufactured at our enterprise has got a certificate about calibration issued by the in-house laboratory and accredited by the National Scientific Centre “Institute of Metrology” from 01.07.2008. Registration number is K.12.006-08.

We aim to achieve customer recognition by the highest quality of the service, costing price and good faith efforts of manufacturers.

We guarantee the high quality of production, variety of nomenclature, technical support, consultancy and special rates for special tooling.