Buy tool for cold pipe rolling

Tool for cold pipe rolling

Cold pipe rolling is performed on the mills of periodic and cross-rolling: barrel and roller. Barrel and roller mills have got a distinguishing structure of the workpiece stand.

Cold pipe rolling on roller mills are performed according to the same technological scheme which is used on the barrel mills. Thin-walled pipes made of stainless steel are manufactured on the roller mills, therefore, the requirements for the billet are way higher. The internal and external surfaces of the billet are thoroughly faced. Similar technological schemes are used to produce cold pipes from the welded billet.

The tool for cold pipe rolling is widely used in pipe rolling production, in particular for the process of rolling pipes which are made of refractory metals, such as titanium alloys, for example. Pressure and reduction areas in the tool for pipe rolling are connected between each other by a transition area, obliquity of which is made up by the amount of half the difference to half-the-sum of the cones located in the reduction and pressure areas of dispatch. A ration of the lengths of reduction and pressure areas is defined as a ratio of natural logarithms of the total rolling-outs to diameter and the wall of the pipe rolling billet.

The technical result: the use of the tool for cold pipe rolling allows to increase accuracy of geometrical dimensions of the pipes due to reduction of the longitudinal and transverse variation in the wall thickness almost be half.

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