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Spline gauges (male gauges and ring gauges) are designed to control spline compounds with straight-sided and evolvent profiles.

Spline gauges are used to check only one utmost dimension of the parts in the spline compound for the reason they are go-ganges. Another utmost dimension in this compound is checked separately with special no-go-gauges.

Spline gauges are made out of chrome steel of the grade H or HG. Considering the fact that spline gauges are produced in small series, they are mainly manufactured on universal machines. To save the material, they weld a handle made of structural steel to the spline plugs with a diameter more than 60 mm. The billets come of the cutting process of hot rolled bars.

The parts of the gauges with the workpiece surfaces are produced from the steel of the grade SHH15 or SHH15SG according to the GOST 801 or H, HVG according to GOST 5950-73. The hardness of the workpiece surfaces is 58…64 HRC. The tolerance of the gauges for spline straight-sided compounds are defined with accordance to GOST 7951-80, for evolvent compounds it is defined with accordance to GOST 24969-81.

The given standard is widely used for the complex gauges (plugs and rings), designed to control total deviations outside and inside diameters, the width of the groove or thickness of kinks as well as to control deviations of the shape and location of profile parts of the spline barrels and sockets with straight-sided kink profile.

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