The company “TekhnoProgress”: mission, Goals and Objectives

Goals and Tasks TechnoProgress

Our main mission is to produce and repair special tooling, integrate new modern technologies in the sphere of production of special tooling and measuring equipment, both in Ukraine and abroad. We provide enterprises with all the needed tools and fresh information in a professional sphere.

It’s difficult today to think of the sphere where special tooling is not used. The usage of the toolings gives ample opportunities due to its multifunctionality.

A few years ago various tools were actively used in the industrial and engineering processes. Today they help solving a lot of domestic and service issues.

DPST “TechnoProgress” knows the difficulty of the tasks, therefore strives to accomplish the mission by making its own valuable contribution to industry development.

Today DPST “TechnoProgress” is an exclusive producer of the special tooling on the territory of Ukraine. Thanks to our branch network we are able to supply the production and provide our services in all the regions of Ukraine. Export deliveries also function well. If you live in: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, you can send your order from the site.

Our goals:

  • an individual approach;
  • achieving the best resutls;
  • care about our specialists;
  • collaboration and partnership at the global level;
  • integration of innovative technologies.

We always strive for development and growth. Our mission, goals and tasks are the main principles and half the battle of enterprise success.