Cutting tool: hand cutting tools, metal cutting tools

Cutting tools

A cutting tool is a tool used to process the parts by cutting. In other words, it’s a tool for shaping new surfaces by the layers of material with the chips in order to produce a new part or half-done part.

The types of a cutting tool:

  • according to its application – hand and machinery, building, mounting, etc.
  • according to the material – high-speed, etc.
  • according to the type of the part – gear-cutting, thread-making, etc.
  • according to the way of part-working – abrasive, buffing, etc.
  • according to the purity of the surface – coarse grinding, half-coarse grinding, finishing treatment, half-finishing treatment, super finishing treatment.

These are a few cutting tools which are produced at out plant:

A drill – is a diprotodont cutting tool with rotative cutting peculiarities and axis movement of the feed that is needed for the holes in the layer of material. A drill consists of a cutting part, working part and a stem.

A ram and a chasing tool are thread-cutting tools for cutting the external thread by hand or automated means.

Tapping tools are applied to cut the internal threads. It looks like a screw with cut-out channels that make the cutting part of the tool. Working part of the tool has got a cutting and calibrating parts. Tapping tools may be used at the lathe, drilling machines, etc.

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